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headboard of my dreams

4 Feb

Anyone who knows me, knows I love bright colors. My car is yellow. It’s been dubbed ‘the yellow car’, ‘sunshine’, and ‘the tank’. (The last one for not obvious reasons since you haven’t seen it. However, I love love love yellow. I found this headboard via Sugar and Charm, and it was originally made by House Tweaking.

Since I’ve been obsessed with this headboard (revisiting the page as if it will change, disappear or even come to life magically) I’ve decided to make one on my own. Note: I have zero power tools, it will be an ‘alone’ project – and I’m pretty sure I’ll be putting a modern touch or different font. Another side note: I have no idea where I’m going to find the wood.

It seems pretty straight forward. Find your wood, cut it down to size. Nail it together and write ‘love in chalk’.

Paint over your chalked ‘love’ with your desired color.

Buy flush mount hangers to mount to the wall. (You’ll need a leveler and measuring tape for accuracy on this one.)

Mount to the headboard.

Add some additional pillows and you’re all set to enjoy your hard work.

images: all via House Tweaking by Dana Miller